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Tuesday 19th February 2019
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Shakespeare : Julius Caesar

Question 1

Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow:-

Titinius: What, Pindarus! Where art thou, Pindarus?
Messala:   Seek him, Titinius, whilst I go to meet
The noble Brutus, thrusting this report
Into his ears; I may say thrusting it;
For piercing steel, and darts envenomed
Shall be as welcome to the ears of Brutus
As tidings of this sight.

Titinius: Hie You, Messala,

And I will seek for Pindarus the while    

"Exit Messala"

  1. Where are the Speakers? Who is Pindarius? What report does Messala wish to convey to Brutus?   [3]
  2. Earlier in this scene, where does Cassius send Titinius? Why?   [3]
  3. What does Cassius then ask Pindarus to do? What reason does he give for doing so?   [3]
  4. What report does Pindarus convey to Cassius that upsets him? What mood does he fall into? Was he right in blaming himself? Give a reason to justify your answer.   [3]
  5. Immediately following this extract what two noble gestures does
    Titinius perform? At the end of the scene, what arrangements does Brutus make for Cassius? What reason does he give for doing so?   [4]

Question 2

Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow:-

Caesar: Are we all ready? What is now amiss,
That Caesar and his senate must redress?
Metellus: Most high, most mighty, and most puissant Caesar,
Metellus Cimber throws before thy seat
An humble heart. [/kneeling/]
  1. Where are the speakers? What does 'puissant' mean? Explain:
    'Metellus Cimber throws before thy seat an humble heart'.   [3]
  2. At the start of the scene what reply does the soothsayer give when Caesar says, 'The Ides of March are come'? What was Caesar's attitude then? Give a reason for your answer.      [3]
  3. What specific duties have been allotted by the conspirators to
    Trebonius and Casca? Why does Cassius become nervous when Popilius Lena speaks to him as they enter?  [3]
  4. Who else had a petition for Caesar? How did Caesar respond to his pleas that his was a suit that 'touches Caesar nearer'? What
    characteristic of Caesar is seen in his reply?  [3]
  5. Shortly after this Caesar is stabbed to death by the conspirators.
    At this point in the play what are your feelings for
    (a) Caesar and
    (b) the conspirators. Give one reason each to support your answer.    [4]


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