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Monday 25th June 2018
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ICSE Computer Application Class X Important Papers By Mr. Harsh

Q. 1. DAC to accept a word. Pass it to the function magic(String x). The function checks the string for the presence of consecutive letters. If two letters are consecutive in any position the function prints it is a magic string otherwise it prints not a magic string.

Q. 2. DAC to accept a sentence. Print all the words that start with a vowel and end with a consonant. For example :

Input :“the purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one” Output : of

Q. 3. Design a class with 3 overloaded functions according to the following specifications :

  1. to find and print the largest out of the two integers
  2. to find and print the largest out of the three integers
  3. to find and print the largest out of the three real numbers

Q. 4. DAC amicable(int,int) with a default constructor, a parameterized constructor and the following two functions :

  1. checkAmicable(int,int) – this function returns true if the two arguments are amicable otherwise it returns false.
  2. main(int,int) – this function invokes the above function and prints whether the parameters passed to it are amicable or not.

Hint : a pair of numbers are amicable if the sum of the factors of one number (excluding itself) is equal to the second number and vice-versa.

Q. 5. Design a class to enter a sentence in lower case. Encrypt the string and print. For example :

Input “where words fail. music speaks.”
Output : yj$t$@y$tfu@h$$n.@o$u$e@ur$$mu.

Q. 6. Design a menu driven program, that accepts an integer and displays the following menu :


  1. displays the sum of the digits of the numbers
  2. displays whether the number is a palindrome or not
  3. displays whether the number is a special number or not
  4. exit

Q. 7. Design a class to accept name, class roll number and marks in phy, chem, bio and comp. of students until zero is entered as the roll number. Calculate and print the following :

  1. names of students who score less than 40 in any of the given subject.
  2. All over average of the student
  3. Name and roll number of the student with the highest average

Q. 8. Design a class to accept the values of a,b,c and n. Calculate and print x and y, where :

x= (abc)2 / !1 + (abc)4 / !2 +……….(abc)n*2 / !n



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