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Friday 14th December 2018
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ICSE 2010 Important Papers of Chemistry By Mr. M.P.Keshari

ICSE Guess > ICSE Papers > Important Questions > Class X > 2010 > Chemistry > Chemistry By Mr. M.P.Keshari

Analytical Chemistry (Use of NaOH and NH4OH)

Q.11. The questions

  1. to (v) refer to the following salt solutions listed A to F:
    (A) Copper nitrate (B) Iron (II) sulphate (C) Iron (III) chloride
    (D) Lead nitrate (E) Magnesium sulphate (F) Zinc chloride.
    (i) Which two solutions will give a white precipitate when treated with dilute hydrochloric acid followed by barium chloride solution?
  2. Which two solutions will give a white precipitate when treated with dilute nitric acid followed by silver nitrate solution?
  3. Which solution will give a white precipitate when either dilute hydrochloric acid or dilute sulphuric acid is added to it?
  4. Which solution becomes a deep/inky blue colour when excess of ammonium hydroxide is added to it?
  5. Which solution gives a white precipitate with excess ammonium hydroxide solution?

Ans.: -

  1. B {iron (II) sulphate} and E [magnesium sulphate]
  2. C [iron (III) chloride] and F [zinc chloride]
  3. D [lead nitrate]
  4. A [copper nitrate]
  5. D [lead nitrate].

Q.12. From the list of substances given – Ammonium sulphate, Lead carbonate, chlorine, Copper nitrate, Ferrous sulphate – State a solution of the compound which gives a dirty green precipitate with sodium hydroxide.


Ferrous sulphate.

Q.13. Write a balanced equation for the reaction between – aluminium oxideand sodium hydroxide solution.


Al2O3 + 2NaOH → 2NaAlO2 + H2O.

Q.14. Give one test to distinguish between the following : - Iron (III) chloride solution and copper chloride solution.


Iron (III) chloride solution Copper chloride solution
When NaOH solution is added a dirty green precipitate of iron (III) hydroxide is formed. When NaOH solution is added a bluish precipitate of copper (II) hydroxide is formed.

Q.15. The salt which in solution gives a pale green precipitate with NaOH solution and a white precipitate with BaCl2 solution : (a) Iron (III) sulphate (b) Iron (II) sulphate (c) Iron (II) chloride (d) Iron (III) chloride.


(b) Iron (II) sulphate..

Paper By Mr. M.P. Keshari
Email Id - mpkeshari@yahoo.com
Phone No. - 09434150289


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