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Thursday 23rd May 2019
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ICSEGuess is the largest and most popular ICSE Students resource in the world. The site is growing very fast, and the comments from our visitors are extremely positive.

Your Products Will Get A Lot Of Attention
Since ICSEGuess is targeted towards school students, teachers/principals, parents and industry directly or indirectly associated with ICSE, advertisements for all kinds of educatonal, official and household products or services will get a lot of attention.

Advertisers Are Renewing Their Contracts
The fact that our advertisers are renewing their contracts all the time, is the best proof of recommendation we can get.

All prices are in INR.

Different Advertisements Options

Simple Text Links
Simple text links are displayed in a small frame on the right/Left hand side of every papers, tutors, articles and news pages (View Samples)

Text links can also dramatically improve your search engine ranking since the links are displayed on about 5000 different pages.

Text Lines Price Per Month
1 text line Rs. 750
2 text lines Rs. 1,200
3 text lines Rs. 1,600
Additional lines Rs. 400

Each text line can have its individual hyperlink. The one line text must contains approximately 20 characters).

Product Spotlights
Product spotlights are paragraphs randomly displayed at the Middle bottom of maximum pages.

Near the bottom of page, you can see 3-4 paragraphs. If you refresh the page you will see the paragraphs change. These paragraphs are called product spotlights.

Advertisers should expect 1000-2000 visitors per month.

Paragraphs Price Per Month
1 Product Spotlight Rs. 2,500
2 Product Spotlights Rs. 4,750
Additional Spotlights Rs. 2250

Text should use the same font as icseGuess, and should not be longer than 15 lines.

Top Banner Rotator (468 x 60 Banners):


CPM = Cost Per 1000 impressions

Top banners must be 468x60 pixels and should not exceed 15Kb in size. They will be rotated in a banner rotator and displayed on a random basis in the header of every page.

Bottom Banner Rotator (728 x 90 Banners):

Rs. 30

CPM = Cost Per 1000 impressions

Bottom banners must be 728x90 pixels and should not exceed 25Kb in size. They will be rotated in a banner rotator and displayed on a random basis in the header of every page.

Right Side Skyscrapers (Max 120 x 600):

Rs. 40

CPM = Cost Per 1000 impressions

Banners should be max 120 x 600 pixels and should not exceed 12Kb in size.

Right/Left Side Buttons (Max 125 x 125):


CPM = Cost Per 1000 impressions

Banners should be max 125 x 125 pixels and should not exceed 8Kb in size.

How To Order

Order, together with banners or buttons can be sent by email to: info@icseguess.com

When ordered, an invoice will be issued. Your banner will be tested and set ready to run, but will not be displayed before payment has arrived.


Payment Options and other instructions
Demand Draft / PayOrder / Cheque:
  1. You can send a Demand Draft / Pay Order / Cheque drawn in favour of Dreamzsop Advertising Private Limited in Indian currency Payable at New Delhi, INDIA at our office address.
  2. Please mention Invoice No. and invoice date at the back of the Draft/PayOrder/Cheque.
  3. All orders shall be processed only upon realization of payment by Dreamzsop Advertising Private Limited.
  4. Please confirm payment details by email on info@icseguess.com / dreams@dreamzsop.com / mithilesh@dreamzsop.com and at the following address:

Dreamzsop Advertising Private Limited
B-61, Second Floor
Sector - 2
Noida - 201301

Phone: 0120-4222343
Mobile: +09810359349

HDFC Bank Transfer
You can also deposit cheque in HDFC Bank nearest to you.

Account Name : Dreamzsop Advertising Private Limited
Account No. : 02942000003673

Please inform us after depositing the cheque in our HDFC Bank Account, through email/phone for fast processing of your Invoice.


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