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Friday 22nd March 2019
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Filterless Air Purifier

As more and more people buy air purifiers for their homes, the air purifier industry is always looking to innovate and bring to the market new advanced purifiers that are effective as well as user-friendly. The latest offering from the manufacturers of air purifiers is the filterless air purifiers. Strange as it may sound these purifiers actually work and yes, they come without filters. Although it may sound too good to be true but they are there for sure and are ready to take the market by storm. So how exactly do these air purifiers work? Let us have a closer look.

Filterless air purifiers work best against dust, mold spores, pollen or pollen-like grains and other particulates that are more or less of similar size. These air purifiers generally come with sheet of activated carbon which actually absorbs gases and odors. However, they are not effective against all sorts of vapors and gases and should not be used by individuals who suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. While it is god for physical absorption it isn't made for chemical absorption and shouldn't be used for the same purpose.

That filterless air purifier is different from other purifiers in the way it works. Inside a filterless air purifier are two plates which are electrically charged. The charge on one is opposite to the charge carried by the other. The first plate charges the particulates of the air as they pass through the purifier. The second plate being oppositely charged, attracts these particulates and lets the rest of the air to pass. This is based on a very simple principle but it has been found to be quite effective.

There are other advantages with this air purifier. There is not much cost involved in maintaining this kind of a purifier. With no money needed to be invested on filters, it is the initial investment that you need to make. Also since there are very few parts which actually move inside a filterless air purifier, the wear and tear is also limited.

The one thing however that you need to take care of is to clean the plates regularly. If this practice is continued then the purifier will deliver at its optimum level over a longer period of time. The cleaning is also hassle free and takes little time.

The user-friendly filterless purifiers should soon be a rage with customers. However it isn't the most effective of all purifiers available. So this should be treated as a basic variant as far as cleaning goes.

About The Author

Jason Uvios Writes about on Filterless Air Purifier to visit :- http://www.airpurifiermadness.info, http://www.airpurifierstoday.info and http://www.airpurifiersforall.info

Date Posted: May 17, 2007

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