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Friday 19th April 2019
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ICSE > ICSE Articles > Home Improvement > Outdoor Lighting: Beauty, Security, Safety

Outdoor Lighting: Beauty, Security, Safety

Add dimension to your home with professionally designed landscape lighting. Nothing is more majestic than seeing your home illuminated at night. As light gently washes the walls, accents architectural features and illuminates the trees, your home will take on a new dimension and announce its presence in the night. Outdoor lighting has become extremely popular as homeowners have discovered that it adds beauty, security and safety to their property.


Outdoor lighting, when designed properly, will add dimension to a home that once was unnoticeable after dusk. Lighting designers will use different types of light to achieve various tasks. If illuminating an entire surface of a home is the desired effect, then a flood type light would be used to wash the wall. Maybe there is a row of columns, where it would be dramatic if each one were lighted individually. A lighting designer would use a beam of light that has a narrow light pattern, spotlighting each individual column. A majestic tree in landscape might call for soft lighting, illuminating the branches and highlighting one of nature’s original pieces of art. As all of these lighting types are used in one design and begin to harmonize with one another, a very special effect will be created. Outdoor lighting can produce an effect so endearing that you will find yourself eagerly awaiting and appreciating the approach to your home like never before.


Another added benefit of outdoor lighting is the security that it can help provide. Many homeowners will have a security system installed in their home, but what they don’t realize is that a properly lighted home will not be as likely targeted for theft as a home that sits completely in the dark. A criminal will not be as likely to enter a door or window where he has to do his work in a brightly lighted area. Effectively planned lighting, in concert with your home security system, can help to keep your home and family safe.


All of us love to use our outdoors, but unless you have proper illumination at night, it can be difficult to navigate around your property. There are many types of lighting that an outdoor lighting company can install to make the grounds around your home more accessible at night. If you have a retaining wall along your driveway, lights can be installed to illuminate your path to the garage. If you have difficult steps leading up to your home in the front or back, then lighting can be used in the riser portion of the step to define each step. Lighting can also define a walkway connecting the house and the garage. This type of safety lighting is very useful for the elderly as well. While these are just a few examples of how outdoor lighting can add safety to your property, an expert lighting designer can help you to identify your problem areas and incorporate them into their overall design.

After the successful installation of an outdoor lighting project and the night falls for the first time to reveal the results, you will find that you have made a decision that means your money has been well spent. Also know that for energy efficiency, outdoor illumination can be placed on a timer that turns it off at dawn and on at dusk. Outdoor lighting adds beauty, value, security and safety to your property while letting your home be a glowing star in the night sky.

About The Author

Heather Larson works as a home stager for various real estate companies and individuals in Atlanta, Georgia. She is also a contributing writer for http://www.atlantadesigndirectory.com.

Date Posted: May 17, 2007

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