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Thursday 23rd May 2019
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Types of Vegetarian

Types of Vegetarian

In a typical setting, with some typical people, I came up with my typical confession that I have become a vegetarian. Very typically, someone will pause for a second, then ask:"Oh! But you do eat fish right?" My typical respond would be a firm "no". Arrgh!

There are many types of vegetarian. A typical one would be a Vegan. They are the most religious of all. Not only does not eat meat, but also abstain from garlic, chives, shallots, ginger, daily products like eggs, milk, cheeze, etc.... its the most difficult to practice and easiest to give-up because of it's regidity. But I do admire them because it takes determinations, lots of great determination, to sustain.

Another type would be those that practice being a Vegan on certain days of the month. Easiest to follow since just a few days every month. But let's not stop here. There is more to be done. Go! Vege! Go!

One type to watch out for are those that abstain from one or more types of meat. For example pork, beef, seafood (for these I suspect its more due to religion, mental or physical). Nevertheless, some form of abstain is a good beginning.

A typical goumet like me settle for becoming a Lacto-Ova Vegetarian. One that omits meats but eats anything else edible. So long as it does not promotes killing. Its the easiest to stick to and also most widely acceptable among other practices. We still want to enjoy deliciously cooked saliva dripping food, don't we? Nah... So much for attachments!

You can chose one of the above style that typically fits in your daily routine to begin with. But whichever you chose, bare this in mind:-

The spririt of giving brings joy. But the joyous gift of all is the gift of life!

Cathy Liew

About The Author

Cathy Liew

You are welcome to publish or republish this article in any webpage or blogs. As long as you put a link back to my blog at http://govege.blogspot.com

Date Posted: May 16, 2007

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