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Friday 19th April 2019
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ICSE > ICSE Articles > Education > Training FAQ: Answers About Different Types Of Training

Training FAQ: Answers About Different Types Of Training

What kinds of career training are available?

Although training schools vary according to the career training programs that they are offering to the public, the following career training can be found in most training schools across the United States.

- Automotive Technology career training will help you in the repair of automobiles. It includes the diagnosis and repair of different automobile parts such as brakes, suspension, electrical, air-conditioning, and overall engine performance system. The skills and knowledge that you will acquire here will help you in getting national and state certifications.

- Business Support Services career training will teach you to compose and edit business-type documents using the computer. Different aspects of business support, such as communication, accounting, and human relations, are also tackled during the training.

- Woodworking career training will expose you to different technical knowledge, like cabinetmaking and millwork. You will be trained in the operation of different processing equipment as well as power tools and techniques in working with wood.

- Culinary Arts career training will teach you about large-quantity food preparation and serving. Particular places of instruction are the school cafeteria and restaurants affiliated with the training school. It also offers courses in sanitation, nutrition, and supervision.

- Drafting career training is where you will learn all about technical vocabularies, technical drawing, and its application. In addition, you will be working with the latest equipment and software in the field of drafting.

- In Electronics career training, you will learn to install, troubleshoot, and repair different types of equipment. There are also courses specializing in radio, telephone, and data transmission circuits.

- You will be trained to be a Certified Nursing Assistant in Health career training. You will be working with a nursing home facility after you have completed the training. After that, you will be prepared for your State Certification examination.

- In Machine Technology career training, you will be trained in handling different kinds of machines such as lathes, milling machines, and grinders. You will also learn to use the hand tools required to finish or assemble different parts.

- Retail Marketing career training will teach you about customer service, cash handling, inventory, and promotion or advertising.

* What training resources are available online?

There are several training resources that are available to you online, whatever line of work you want to engage in. These include:

1. E-learning solutions,

2. Online training programs,

3. Interactive training classes in real time, and

4. Visual hands-on programs that include online tutorials and training methods

* What is eLearning?

eLearning is a type of instruction found on the Internet. There are numerous purposes it serves, including the following:

- It is used by companies to train their personnel as well as to inform their clients and business partners about their products, services, and company policies.

- It is sometimes used in distance learning, saving an individual the time, hassle, and expense of commuting to a classroom.

- It can also be used as a promotional tool to educate the public about their rights as citizens. Instead of sending out paper flyers and conduct large-scale sessions to educate the public, the internet can relay the necessary information.

About The Author

Fred Tuxton is editor of http://www.FAQTraining.com, the online Training guide. He also writes Training FAQ's for http://www.prettygreatanswers.com/articles/TrainingQuestions/.

Date Posted: May 16, 2007

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