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Sunday 24th March 2019
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Build a Kids Ebook

I will not lie. This was my first ebook. It’s a 51 page kids coloring ebook. This is a children’s coloring ebook for the beginners to learn basic shapes, colors, and numbers.

My design was to build a book that children could learn these things without a bunch of other stuff in the book. So I built a kids coloring e-book with simple activities that repeatedly have children using colors, counting numbers, and making shapes.

Building the kids coloring ebook took me quite a bit of time since I’ve never done one before. I will share some things so you do not have to go through learning process. This will save you time since you do not have to figure it out.

· Whatever program you use to create your text and graphics you will need to convert over to a PDF file. Why a PDF file? I had that same question when I started. The main reason is the fact that a PDF file is recognized by so many operating systems. You want people no matter what system their using to be able to get your ebook.

· You should use a text editor that’s capable of installing graphics along with your text. Do not create your text in a photo program. The files will be too big. This page is 21k up to this point. In a photo program saved as a JPEG the file is 324K. Imagine how big 51 pages would be. Keep it small and simple. Easy to download.

· Building the kids coloring ebook cover. If you’re good with graphics you can create your own ebook cover in a graphics program. If you’re not good with graphics you can still create one but it takes time. I cannot put all the graphics to show you how to do the kids coloring ebook cover here in this article. Please visit my web site http://fun-working-from-home.com. Go to the build an ebook page and click on the create an e-book cover in the second paragraph. Then you will get picture-by-picture, step-by-step instructions on building your book cover.

· Here’s the basic idea of what you need to do. Use a program that allows you to add lines on a page. Make a rectangle that looks like the front of a book. Now picture the book being tilted slightly towards you at the top. Add some lines that will give you the illusion it’s a book. Now add your title and whatever you want on the front of the book. Use a color that could be seen easy. That’s the best I can explain making the kids coloring ebook cover here.

· Now for the important part. What to put in it? It does not have to be a kids coloring ebook. You could make a children’s reading ebook or whatever your heart desires. Write about what you know.

On my web site I have links to a free PDF converter, text editor /office suite, and a PDF reader. No strings attached. Free for you to download. If you’re in need of any of these you can go to my web site in the author’s Bio. On my build an ebook page, eighth paragraph, use the link that says write about their true passion. You will be brought to a page that has the links for all of these free items. I hope this helps and you have great success on your ebook.

About The Author

Louis Madison is a successful Business owner. You may visit his web site http://www.fun-working-from-home.com for information about working from home, building a web site, or making an ebook. Success is always one more step pass defeat. Have a Blessed Day!

Date Posted: May 17, 2007

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