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Saturday 20th April 2019
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Coin Collecting Auctions: Are They Really Worth It?

Coin auction or bidding comes in handy if you are a coin collector intending to buy or sell coins. You can obtain coins of remarkable worth in the best possible manner through coin auctions. The primary source for procuring rare coins is a coin auction. This is because majority of the rare coin collectors sell off their treasure to the highest bidder. Both the bidder and the seller, in a coin auction, need to adhere to a number of rules and reg
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Date Posted:May 17, 2007
Digital Photography Tip - Which One To Follow

Itching to churn out photographic masterpieces? Then a digital camera is a handy and inexpensive aide to your photography cruises. Digital cameras combine a range of features to ensure that you capture the scenes and moments of life in all their stunning reality. But to expound a popular myth, a frightfully expensive digital camera is not a guarantee to skillful digital photography. Remember the phrase about the sloppy workman who always blamed
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Date Posted:May 17, 2007
Tips and hints to help you when photographing birds.

The following is a several basic tips we have learnt along the way, we hope that they may assist you with your photography.

I tried to describe all the things more simple.


Bad or lackluster photos are caused from laziness. Unfortunately, too ma
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Date Posted:May 17, 2007
House Plant Care A Guide For Your Container Garden

Through the years many plants were considered to be only greenhouse subjects rather then house plants. That, thankfully, has changed and many species can be considered as house plants to decorate your home. Here is a house plant guide to the basics of caring for your plants also known as container gardens. It is best to choose plants that have thick leathery foliage. The reason they can withstand heated rooms is that they have tough leaves and
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Date Posted:May 17, 2007
Artist vs Student - Quality Not Quantity

There are two schools of thought in the art world; one says that you should buy cheap materials until you improve and the second says you should go with the more expensive quality from the start.

I must agree with buying good quality equipment.

How can you possibly improve your painting skills when the tools won’t
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Date Posted:May 17, 2007
Turning Your Hobby Into A Winning Career

Gamer’s dream of creating their own video game. They imagine and have a vision of what their game would be like. What is fun and what they consider would be the ultimate game to play. Game design is the forum to express those ideas.

Game development has become a giant of an industry. It is taking the nation by storm and you can get a big piece of the excitement and turn it int
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Date Posted:May 17, 2007
Tips for Photographing Wildlife

To capture those rare moments in the camera is an art and the trick to learn them is by practicing them and it is always better to practice on your cats and on birds in my yard or local parks and the with that basic training you are armed with the essential knowledge of photography!

I can provide you with some tips that would come handy for you to get the best shots of animals and b
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Date Posted:May 17, 2007
The Wonderful Hobby Of Magic

Have you ever watched a magician in action and secretly wished that you were the one performing all those amazing feats and getting the audience's applause? Magic has fascinated countless millions of people through the ages and used to be a mysterious art shrouded in deep secrecy. Now its sealed doors have been opened and almost anyone who has an interest in magic can take it up as a rewarding and potentially lucrative hobby.

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Date Posted:May 17, 2007
You Are A Starving Artist That Will Always Remain in Poverty -- Bull Roar

The starving artist is a reality to this day including artisan’s. We don’t need humanities let alone understand other arts and cultures. Isn’t that for the rich?

Capitalism shoos away artists because they aren’t “big business”. Like oil and water they will never mix well. With the hurdle of zero funding there is also the task of your behavior.
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Date Posted:May 17, 2007
Roulette Game

When it comes to the most famous games in casino gambling, the roulette game is well among the top three along with Video Poker and Slots. So what makes this game favoured among the gambling masses? What makes it stand out?

Roulette Game: An Overview

The roulette game has a nice, lenghty, and cozy history filled with men
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Date Posted:May 17, 2007


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