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Tuesday 21st May 2019
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What IS a Healthy Diet

There is so much information about what is healthy and nutritious these days that it is very difficult to sort out the hype from the truth. Following a healthy diet can be accomplished by making some simple adjustments to your current diet.

If you think it is just too much trouble to make some simple changes to improve your family’s diet, think again. Most people do not realiz
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Date Posted:May 17, 2007
How to Finally Quit Smoking

More than four hundred and forty thousand people die in the United States each year from smoking. Smoking is directly responsible for causing lung cancer, heart disease, strokes, and pregnancy complications, not to mention contributing to overall poorer health. So why do so many people still smoke? Because trying to quit is one of the most difficult things to do. However, you CAN do it with a little help and determination.

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Date Posted:May 17, 2007
What Are The Causes of Depression?

What does depression feel like? For most people it's being unable to deal with something bad that happens. It could be something as serious as the death of a loved one or something less serious - whatever it might be, it is the fact that we are unable to cope that is depression.

Even though depression is now known to have serious effects if it persists for a long length of time,
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Date Posted:May 17, 2007
Safety Tips In Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

The things that you should consider when planning any cosmetic surgery procedure are results, quality and safety. The following article is prepared, in order to educate and guide prospective clients in cosmetic surgery on how to choose the right surgeon to attain their goal.

1. Any surgery with the main purpose of improving the physical aspect of the human body aesthetically, as wel
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Date Posted:May 17, 2007
How Much Sleep Do I Need?

Let's face it.. sleep is necessary for life!

Better yet, sleep has an increased rate of anabolism (the synthesis of cell structures), and a decreased rate of catabolism (the breakdown of cell structures).

What this means to you is more muscle.

Have you he
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Date Posted:May 17, 2007
Eat, Drink and Be Healthy?

Did you see the news this week? Red wine keeps you healthy even if you pig out – at least that's what the headlines read. It's true that there has been an established link between moderate red wine consumption and cardiovascular health for quite some time. A compound found in wine, called resveratrol, is prime suspect of the health-promoting benefits of red wine.

The n
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Date Posted:May 17, 2007
Good Fat and Bad Fat

Good Fat and Bad Fat

To familiarize yourself with the good and bad fat

Saturated fats:

These "bad" fats are solid at room temperature. They are found mostly in animal foods (meats, poultry, dairy products) and in some vegetable products, such as coc
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Date Posted:May 17, 2007
Ten Small Things That Can Add Big Years to Your Life

People have a will to survive, a desire to live a long and meaningful life. While there are certain things we can't control, there are many that we can. From little things like wearing a seatbelt to eating a piece of fruit, many of us have the keys to our own survival in our hands. And, most of the time, engaging in a few of these life preserving acts is sure to keep us afloat for a little bit longer than usual.

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Date Posted:May 17, 2007
Swimming Is One Of The Best Workouts You Can Get

Remember when you were young and you couldn’t wait until summer to go swimming and play in the water? Hopefully you learned how to swim when you were a child but if you didn’t, it is never too late to learn. Swimming is not only the best, proven exercise that you can do but also the psychological benefits of swimming can be very fulfilling. Many medical studies have proven this to be a fact for your health and it is also a lot of fu
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Date Posted:May 17, 2007
Skin Treatment - 8 Great New Skin Treatments

Great new treatments for your skin

Want great looking skin in under an hour? Well now it’s possible to achieve this with a variety of new skin treatments available at your local salon. Whether you want to smooth out lines and wrinkles or improve the tone and texture of your skin there is no need to go under the knife as the new treatments available require no down time.
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Date Posted:May 17, 2007


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