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Saturday 20th April 2019
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Top 10 Benefits of Living Without TV

Think you can’t live without your electronic companion, the TV set? Think getting rid of TV would leave your life empty and meaningless? On the contrary, living without TV can be much more peaceful, enjoyable, healthier, and happier. Can you imagine...?

1. You miss all the attack ads during election season.

I did n
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Date Posted:May 16, 2007
Change in Lifestyle and Environment- The Secret to a Happy Retired Life.

Change is inevitable. That is the law of nature. The natural process of aging is gradual and those who are near and dear to you seldom notice the changes.

The fact remains that you are growing old. With advancing years your lifestyle too should be re-oriented in such a manner that you do not put unnecessary strain on the diminishing reserves of your body.

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Date Posted:May 16, 2007
International Adoption and Guatemala

Guatemala is one of the most controversial subjects in the world of International Adoption today. Not wishing to add further to the controversy, it is just that adopting a child from Guatemala today can be a little tricky unless you know what you are doing.

International Adoption is not easy, especially when there is a language barrier. Add to that the fact that you are about to ent
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Date Posted:May 16, 2007
How a Tribute to Veterans Can Emphasize the Value of Family

Veteran's Day gives us all an opportunity to pay tribute to people who, over the years, have endured hardship and made sacrifices to protect our freedoms. Some people attend services or parades, others remember more quietly. How do you express your feelings of patriotism?

This process of appreciation has many parallels to our own relationships at home. As you remember the vetera
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Date Posted:May 16, 2007
7 Tips for Saving Money on Electricity

According to the United States Department of energy, the average household spends about $1,300 on electricity annually. This is a lot of money and things such as the weather; the types of lights used and the frequent use of appliances are the deciding factors.

Can anything be done to make this go down? The answer is yes. By reading these tips, the money saved can be used for other e
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Date Posted:May 16, 2007
Meeting Your Familyís Health Needs With An HSA

Making sure that your family is able to stay healthy partly depends on having a good health insurance program for them. One of the more recent new additions to the health insurance industry is called the Health Savings Account (HSA). This new program enables you to have reduced insurance rates because of a higher deductible, and a tax deferred savings program with it. Here are some of the features of this program.

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Date Posted:May 16, 2007
What Are The Effects Of Divorce In The Personality Of Babies?

No studies can really tell us how your particular baby or toddler will react to your divorce; each baby is unique. Babies are born with their basic personality, namely, his or her own particular way of eating, sleeping and eliminating. These basic qualities determine how this little individual will react to stressful situations, from infancy all the way to adulthood. Basically, the baby at birth has all the qualities for the personality that wi
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Date Posted:May 16, 2007
Families That Play Together Stay Together: A Personal Life Experience!

Growing up my parents made it clear that enjoying time with family was very important! They didn't come out and say it all the time and they didn't need to. They did it with actions and as the saying goes, "Actions Speak Louder Than Words". They did this by turning their basement into a home game room. It was done before I was born and games came and went all in the name of good old fashioned family fun! Now I'm the last o
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Date Posted:May 16, 2007
How To Get Rid Of Noisy Neighbors

In three religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam, we are asked to respect our neighbors, but what happens when your new neighbor turns out to be the biggest nuisance to arrive in your neighborhood? Parties till late every night, music on full, when your trying to have a nap after a hard days work and unbearable shouting and screaming coming from the house next door. Do you break the rules and turn against your neighbor? Or do you ask your nei
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Date Posted:May 16, 2007
Donít Be a Target: Nine Simple Home Security Tips

Burglars will always go after the easiest target. Not necessarily the biggest house on the block—but the easiest one to break into. Burglars like dark houses, and they like to get in fast. If your house is well-lit or takes more than five minutes to break into, chances are they’ll go elsewhere. If you want to make your house less inviting to burglars, here’s how to do it.

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Date Posted:May 16, 2007


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