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Saturday 20th April 2019
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Rome Hotel: Why People Should Spend More Time in Rome

Every year the number of customers visiting Rome increases of 5% and there are always more historical sights to see. This year has we had the chance to attend the inauguration of the Ara Pacis which remained closed for restorations under the supervision of the architect Richard Meier.

Few people know that booking an hotel close to the spanish steps or to trevi Fountain they can see
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Date Posted:May 19, 2007
Whats The Future of Air Travel?

Air travel is great when it works, when it doesn't, it's a nightmare. It is safe for infants, even newborns and no matter where you're going, it seems air travel is an essential part of your trip. One reason why there is such fast growth is that air travel was under-priced until higher fuel prices came along but yet demand for air travel is at its highest levels since 9/11. It is governed by International, European and Domestic legi
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Date Posted:May 19, 2007
Travel Tips for the Holiday Season

Ah, holiday travel. The packed airplanes, the crowded airports, the high ticket prices: there’s nothing quite like traveling in December to make you long for January.. From waiting in a long security line, to having your luggage filled with the Christmas presents for your new in-laws delivered to Ohio as you land in Oklahoma, traveling over the holidays can be a real pain. Tis’ the season to go crazy.

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Date Posted:May 19, 2007
Health Tips During Plane Travel

It is a known fact that long traveling is usually stressful and tedious. Having a stressful trip should not be a part of your travel planning. When you travel in an economy or coach section in a plane for a longer period, it can be stressful and can cause harm to your health. You definitely tend to feel fatigue and experience all kinds of symptoms like vomiting, headache, body pain, desperation for water and uneasiness. So here are few tips to
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Date Posted:May 19, 2007
Your Choice Of Honeymoon Hotels

Making your honeymoon memorable could be the best reward you can give to you as a newlywed after a long preparation and hectic scheduled before and during your wedding. And there is no better way to do it than going to honeymoon hotels and spending time together as a couple.

King Pacific Lodge – British Columbia, Canada

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Date Posted:May 19, 2007
Family Resorts In The Caribbean

The Caribbean has become a well known standard for family vacations. There is so much enjoyment to be had and usually contains resorts with a lot of features for the family. You can usually get the following items in a family package

* Deluxe swimming pools with water slides
* Water sports and the beach
* Programs for kids and activities for a family
* Drinks on ta
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Date Posted:May 19, 2007
Asia Travel - Malaysian Cities, Truly Spectacular

Malaysian Tourism Board promotes the country as Truly Asia. The fascinating fusions of tradition and modernity, Malaysian cities' have unique multi-cultural heritage, cuisine, arts and architecture make them ideal cosmopolitan getaways. Malaysia's mix background of Chinese, Malay, Indian and colonial heritages constantly amaze western travelers with the cultural richness and harmony, knitting a truly Asian spectrum of variety on sights
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Date Posted:May 19, 2007
Tour Egypt for Ancient and Exotic Adventures

If you've ever dreamed of witnessing the magnificence of the Great Pyramids, standing in awe before the Great Sphinx, or reveling in the treasures found in King Tut's tomb, the magic of Egypt awaits you. You can tour Egypt for an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.

Whether you want to cruise the Nile in the style of Cleopatra or visit the Valley of the Kings, a Cairo pro
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Date Posted:May 19, 2007
Hawaii Vacation in February? Don’t Miss These Local Events

If you are traveling to Hawaii in February, here are a few annual local events for you to consider adding to your itinerary.

When you are on the Big Island make a stop at Hilo, home of The Hilo Mardi Gras. Also known as The "Hula Capital of the World”, Hilo loves to put on a parade. This is their annual New-Orleans style parade, festival and party all wrapped in one. The
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Date Posted:May 19, 2007
Paphos, Cyprus - Top 5 Places to Visit

Top 5 places to visit when staying in Paphos, Cyprus on your off season holidays. A mixture of history and pure leisure pleasure. Places normally too hot and busy to visit in the summer heat open themselves up at these perfect times of the year. Escape the cold of home and enjoy some Paphos sunshine during spring, autumn and winter holidays in Cyprus.

Paphos, Cyprus - Top 5 Places t
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Date Posted:May 19, 2007


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