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Tuesday 21st May 2019
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Self Improvement

How Can I Trust Anyone Again?

Gail Asked:

I used to live on the streets and was taken advantage of in many ways. Now I am off the streets and doing much better. Trouble is, I don't trust people anymore. I always think they want something from me and consequently I can't get past a superficial relationship.

How do I deal with this? What is wro
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Date Posted:May 18, 2007
10 Ways To Bring More Balance To Your Life

The World Health Organization has called stress a modern day epidemic affecting every person of every culture, educational status, and financial level across the world. Too much stress is the reason we end up sick and burned out. We know there must be something more than the hustle and bustle of modern-day life and yet forget to take the time to find our unique sense of balance.

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Date Posted:May 18, 2007
The Benefits Of A Positive Attitude

Two people look at a glass which is half filled with water.

Are you the person who sees a glass that is half empty or do you see a glass that is half full?

We have a lot of choices in life. We can choose to look at things the negative way and always see the dark side of situations, or we can choose to be positive and liv
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Date Posted:May 18, 2007
Top 20 Qualities of Smart People

In today’s competitive world, it pays to be smart. No matter how smart you are, I am sure there is something you could “get smarter” about. Below are some qualities of smart people. As you read the list, ask yourself: Am I as smart as I could be in this area? How could I get smarter?

1. Make Decisions Intuitively

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Date Posted:May 18, 2007
Habits Of Mind - A Key To Brainpower

Develop good habits of mind and you will have not just intelligence, but brainpower - the ability to use that intelligence effectively. Life is easier and your actions more effective when these subconscious "programs" are installed in your head.

Your mind is already programmed in many ways. You may have consciously learned how to type, for example, but now the process is l
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Date Posted:May 18, 2007
Key To Success: Motivation

Motivation is not a new concept to most of us. We have felt that first burst of enthusiasm. Perhaps it was an ad or news story on TV, an article in a magazine, a chance remark, or an embarrassing moment that brought us that sudden rush of certainty that something needed to be done...could be done. We felt a strong, perhaps overwhelming desire to DO SOMETHING...something that would change what had been or create something new. Often, this is acc
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Date Posted:May 18, 2007
7 Ways To Improve Your Attitude

"Everything can be taken from a man but one thing; the last of the human freedoms—to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way."

- Viktor Frankl

Attitude is everything. Yes, Everything.

It is more
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Date Posted:May 18, 2007
Super Self Confidence - How To Lose It And How You Can Get It Back

It is well worth discussing what self-confidence is, before describing how you can change your low self confidence into healthier and empowering confidence.

As human beings, we action many tasks automatically and without having to think too much about it. An example would be riding a bike. Even though we might have gone through a few years of not using a bike, if we needed to, we wo
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Date Posted:May 18, 2007
Taking Risks For Success

My son's youth football season has come to an end, and I am left with a shocking discovery that blows me away. Kids often mimic adults and at least half a dozen of my son's teammates are afraid of taking risks associated with playing the game. These kids signed up to play football, practiced everyday with the team, but when it came time to play the game - they chickened out. Instead, they stayed on the sideline and watched. Taking risks
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Date Posted:May 18, 2007
7 Ways To Improve Your Communication Skills

Communications skill is an important skill that you need to master if you want to advance the corporate ladder. It is almost important in maintaining your personal relationship with your family, friends etc

Here are 7 ways to improve your communication skills

1) Learn to listen. An important aspect of good communication
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Date Posted:May 18, 2007


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