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Tuesday 21st May 2019
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Politics and Government

Kashmir Terrorism: Origin and Growth

Broadly speaking, when justice and right are denied to a person over a longer period of time, the person is left with two options: bear the situation patiently, or the reaction is anguish, and that reaction, in the process culminates into terrorism. Besides other things, spreading of communal hatred, religious frenzy, separatist tendency etc. are the tools which terrorists generally use. Guns too are used to achieve the so-called specified miss
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Date Posted:May 18, 2007
Are too many political candidates campaigning in "the Cave"?

Is negative political advertising harmful or helpful in getting political candidates elected today?. This article examines some of the moral highground politicans give up if they sink too low in attacking their opponents. It uses Plato's Analogy of the Cave and suggests how voters can take an active roll in demanding more intelligent and civil messages from those seeking public office.

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Date Posted:May 18, 2007
21st Century Criminals

This seemingly faceless and non-violent from of criminal activity has hit home for many of us in the community in recent months with the child pornography scandal. Many people have been taken into custody and many computers confiscated. Regardless of how people try and justify things, there is no excuse for either possessing images or participating in these vile acts. This is a disgusting element in our society that has grown into a worldwide i
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Date Posted:May 18, 2007
Election 2006: The Illusion Of Choice

Many people think that when they go to the polls on election day that they have a choice of who they can vote for. But do they? As it stands today, we have Republican and Democrats protecting their position of power in the political landscape by snuffing out the voice of third party candidates. This is the one thing in America that is truly a bi-partisan effort. For the most part both major parties work hard to keep any third party from rising
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Date Posted:May 18, 2007
India’s Supreme Court Temporarily Bars Approval of Genetically Modified Crops

The Supreme Court of India (SCI, September 22, 2006) directed the country's Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC), not to give approvals to genetically modified products until further orders. This has perplexed the biotech community but pleased the anti-biotech lobby, which seems to read too much into this two-week restriction. The SCI’s directive is in consideration of a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed on May 1, 2006,
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Date Posted:May 18, 2007
Police Ethics

Police Ethics


Throughout an officers career there will be many occasion when the officers’ ethics will be put to the test and it will be up to the officer not to allow there own ethics to weaken or become compromised. So many officers do find themselves in situations in which they have a serious ethica
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Date Posted:May 18, 2007
Politics Needs Enthusiasm, Not Power

We live in a day and age where doing what is right is no longer right. Politicians are now driven by popularity rather than compassion. It has led to a decline in political enthusiasm. Young people have no desire to vote, better yet pay attention to politics in the news.

Every time you near an election year you can taste the bitterness in the air. So where do we go from here? We mus
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Date Posted:May 18, 2007
Police and Effective Communication

If there is one occupation where communication skills are an absolutely essential that is the job of a police officer. In terms of police officers and the jobs they are expected to do on the street, communications skills are so critical that they can spell life or death for the officer or others involved. On the job officers are required to talk to all different types of people and those people are in sometimes the worse situation they have eve
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Date Posted:May 18, 2007
Is Our Government To Blame For High Gas Prices?

Front and center in every form of media is the rising cost of oil and gas. It affects the lifestyles of every American and the costs of all goods and services we use. Many of us are shaking our fists and looking for somebody to blame. Before we start pointing the finger elsewhere maybe we should point it at ourselves.

To our Governments credit, they realized the problem and have don
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Date Posted:May 18, 2007
War and Peace

The history of mankind to date having been one of almost continuous conflict, it should come as no surprise that the third millennium has started pretty much as the second ended. War and rumors of war dominate the daily news, raising fears that the species is again about to threaten itself with mass destruction, perhaps self-annihilation.

Attempts to manipulate the political process
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Date Posted:May 18, 2007


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