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Saturday 20th April 2019
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Top Ten Tips To Get Your Baby Sleeping Better

Having a new baby is an incredibly exciting time, but it can also be filled with a great deal of anxiety. One major source of that anxiety is if you have a baby who isn’t sleeping well. Sleep deprivation will quickly wear you down, and your baby will be exhausted and irritable as well. When this pattern goes on for months, a once happy little family can rapidly turn into a tired and cranky crowd.

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Date Posted:May 17, 2007
Parenting Tips That Build Character When Your Kids Are Driving You Crazy

I remember counseling a second grade boy who was a 'Sammy the Slacker.' One day his teacher confided, "When I tell my class, 'Children, please take out your readers,' Sammy leans back in his chair, his arms hanging over its back, and calls out, 'I can’t find my book!' Sure enough, a little girl scrambles over, looks in his messy desk, and finds it for him."

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Date Posted:May 17, 2007
Crying Baby - Reasons


Crying is a normal event in the lives of all babies.When a baby comes out of the woomb the first thing to do is crying.By the first cry he will take some air in to the lungs for the first time in their life.After delivery if the baby doesnot cry then it should be initiated by slightly pinching or gently strocking the feet.From this it is clear that the healthy baby sho
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Date Posted:May 17, 2007
Three Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Buy Toys For Your Kids

so you can buy a useful toy.

Some toys are over hyped and others that I quite like, are never advertised. When I see new toys or the kid wants something she saw on TV, I usually ask myself “What can this toy be used for” and “How long will it keep the kid interested.” The last question I sometimes never ask, cause I never get that far is “Does the toy t
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Date Posted:May 17, 2007
8 Keys to Improving Self-esteem for Teenage Girls

Experts on facial expressions are not fooled by the big smiles of teen-age girls. It is evident when a girl is truly happy inside, because she has a “Duchienne smile.” With this smile the involuntary muscles around the eyes are wrinkled. And those muscles do not lie.

On the other hand, fake, superficial smiles reveal a smiling mouth only, there is no twinkle and not a wr
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Date Posted:May 17, 2007
Helping Our Children To Stop Enduring Now!

We pour our hopes and dreams into our children from the moment they are born. We want them to fare better in life and grow up more secure and presumably happier than . . . than what? Than we are. But despite our best intentions, today’s children are fast becoming a generation of endurers raised by a generation of endurers. And everyone pays a steep price. Parents run the risk of passing their ever-striving-never-stopping tendencies on to
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Date Posted:May 17, 2007
Your Teen Hates You What Now?

Your teen is out of control. They are addicted to drugs, violent, or promiscuous, but most importantly they are going to do long term damage if nothing is done. You’ve tried talking however it ends up in a screaming war. You’ve tried discipline but your teen either completely disregards it or opposes it violently. It’s clear that they are going to crash and burn without a major change. You’ve researched different profess
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Date Posted:May 18, 2007
Keeping Your Kids Safe At Home

If you are like me (and thousands of other people) we all have dangerous household cleaners in our home. In fact, kids, and even teens, are at risk with these dangerous cleaners in our home.

Cleaning the kitchen can be hard work. Most people have a variety of household cleaners under the sink for each cleaning problem. To get things clean it takes a lot of muscle and ‘elbow gr
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Date Posted:May 18, 2007
Is Your Child An Angry Kid or Just Not Paying Attention

Do you feel like you live with an angry kid, have you ever asked your kid to do something for you and they have said yeah yeah as they have walked off with you thinking great they have gone to do it only to find an hour later what you have asked them to do has not been done? This is a very common problem in our household and I guess if I was honest with what I was like as a child I would have to say that I did the same thing to my parents.
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Date Posted:May 18, 2007
Teaching Handwriting to Children

Teachers say it time and time again. They tell their students to “write clearly,” so that they can read what their child was trying to convey. Often teachers take this rule so far as to mark questions wrong on a test or homework assignment that are not legible, or to not give the student credit for his or her work. It is for this reason, and many others, that it is important to teach children handwriting from an early age.
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Date Posted:May 18, 2007


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