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Saturday 20th April 2019
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Computers & Internet

The Twelve Days of Spyware

On the first day of Spyware,
A Sender Forger sent to me
A SoBig Virus in a Email.

On the second day of Spyware,
a Phisher sent to me
A Nigerian Email Scam,
And a SoBig Virus in a Email.

On the third day of Spyware,
Webforce sent to me
A unauthorized Bank Charge,
A Nigeria
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Date Posted:May 16, 2007
Ecommerce Shopping Carts

Shopping carts are more commonly used as a way to display physical products, products like televisions, groceries, electronic equipment, clothes, and memorabilia, etc, not digital products. Shopping carts make it easy to cross-sell and up-sell your customers once they arrive at your store. Shopping carts typically handle the shipping and handling calculation, taxes and credit card processing. A good shopping cart handles all of these efficientl
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Date Posted:May 16, 2007
Cartoon Logo an Intriguing Affair!

The other day I was going through the newspaper - Just flipping through the pages. Nothing new, a regular routine, or you can say a daily affair. Sometimes I wonder how can reading a newspaper be some sort of leisure activity for someone.

Completely disinterested, I was going through the same old news when something caught my eye……it was a real bright and beautiful bus
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Date Posted:May 16, 2007
Myspace Design Features

Creating a MySpace website may seem overly complicated to those who have never done any HTML design in the past but it is really quite simple. Members who have advanced HTML knowledge can obviously incorporate more advanced features into their design but even those with no HTML knowledge may be able to create an attractive and functional MySpace website. This is possible because much of the design can be done through the use of templates. This
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Date Posted:May 16, 2007
Ways To Hide Files On Your Computer

At some point in time, perhaps on your family computer, or your own computer, you will develop, collect, and store some important personal files on your hard drive that are strictly for your needs and purposes. These digital files may be so important to you, that under no circumstances, should anyone ever be able to access and see them. Some of these personal and business files may include documents, spreadsheets, emails, pdfs, text files, invo
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Date Posted:May 16, 2007
The Basics Of Podcasting

Podcasting in its simplest form is the uploading of MP3 files to the internet, where they can be accessed by the majority of the online universe with little more than a modern browser. You might consider a podcast to be an audio blog, although podcasts are basically standalone units of communication and not limited solely to “audio.” The term is also applied to short video pieces that are uploaded for general consumption; that
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Date Posted:May 16, 2007
Myspace Backgrounds

Myspace background selection is one of the most important decisions in the creation of a Myspace profile. Myspace is a social networking website, which offers free access to its users. Myspace acts as a strong platform for interactions and it avails all possible means of web communication such as public and private chat rooms, forums, blogs, Myspace messenger and email id, to satisfy its users. However, the most important attraction of Myspace
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Date Posted:May 16, 2007
Save Time and Money with Online Coupons

With a little effort, the right online coupons can save you a lot of money. There are several wonderful websites that offer online coupons for major stores online. Some of the biggest retailers distribute coupons to their affiliates, which pass the savings on to the online consumer.

It is worth the time to search through these coupon sites to find the best deal, depending upon what
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Date Posted:May 16, 2007
Temporary Internet Files

Summary: Temporary Internet Files explained. There is also information how to delete temporary internet files and corresponding index.dat files.

What are Temporary Internet Files?

Temporary Internet Files are, in fact, the cache of the Internet Explorer. This means that when you load a web page with Internet Explorer, it
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Date Posted:May 16, 2007
A Quiz: Test Your RSS Smarts

You think that you have mastered the art of RSS, but how much do you really know? Take the RSS quiz to test your knowledge of RSS.

Question: If something is in an RSS feed, it is perfectly fine to reproduce the contents of the feed. I mean after all RSS means really simple syndication, right?

Answer: No, that is not true
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Date Posted:May 16, 2007
Computer Security - Startling Facts

Working on the Internet provides Internet marketers with the opportunity to make a living in the comfort of their own home. Computer Security includes threats such as viruses, identity theft, spyware, adware to name but a few. The latest statistics show that at least over 900 new viruses are created each month which makes keeping track of them really quite difficult. This article would cover three (3) subtopics namely: The Internet, Spyware and
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Date Posted:May 16, 2007
What You Need To Know When Buying Used Hardware

Refurbished network hardware is the latest thing for hip IT managers who consider themselves "in the know". The used equipment is often renovated by various resellers and integrators, reset and error free. They are then sold in the secondary market at up to 90% off of list price. Products are available even in the most sophisticated and obscure models, and often come with a warranty that supersedes even that of the original manu
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Date Posted:May 16, 2007
How to Pimp Your MySpace Profile

As someone who spends an obscene amount of time researching, playing and "working" on MySpace [and loving every minute of it I might add... ;-) ] I have made myself into an expert and an authority on the process of customizing or "pimping" profiles as my countless thousands on MySpace will vouch for me.

Before going deep on HOW to pimp MySpace, I'd first like
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Date Posted:May 16, 2007
Hidden Secrets of Software

Most people that use computers tend to know the ins and outs of a small number of software applications. Some can even claim to be experts in them. As software progresses, there seems to be more and more options at our disposal.

Do you know your applications inside out?

Have you ever heard of Easter Eggs in Software?
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Date Posted:May 16, 2007
Getting Started On MySpace

MySpace is an online community which offers members the tools they need to create a website for other members of the community to view. MySpace also hosts these websites and provides search features which enables visitors to find information about particular members or members who have certain hobbies.

Opening a MySpace Account

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Date Posted:May 16, 2007
Tell Me About Computers

So you want to know about computers? The most important thing to remember, if you are new to computers, is not to be afraid of them. They are just another electrical appliance, and unless you do something drastic, I promise you they wont blow up in your face!

Trial and error is your best friend when learning about computers and a few tips on computer jargon will help a long way. I l
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Date Posted:May 16, 2007
Are You Using Myspace?

The Internet is developing at a fast pace. In the last few years blogs and then social book-marking became a rage, and to confess to you honestly I still haven’t gotten the hang of how to use either of these two for marketing purposes. However, I am not such an old geezer after all, because I really am into Myspace.com.

Myspace.com is a tremendously interactive medium which is
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Date Posted:May 16, 2007
How To Cheat In A Computer Game

The definition of a cheat is pretty easy to figure out. If you have an affair with someone other than your lover, you can be called a cheat. If you copy answers from another person during an exam, you can also be called a cheat. In sports, if you try to win or get an advantage by disregarding the rules you are cheating but in computer games this definition become hard to follow. Taking advantage or lying to your fellow game players does not aut
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Date Posted:May 16, 2007


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